Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Matt Nicholas and I'm an artist based in the East Riding of Yorkshire. I live in a small village called Nafferton just a few miles from the market town of Driffield (due to its favourable location, Driffield is also known as the 'Capital of the Wolds'). On this page you can see what I'm currently working on. If you would like to see more of my work please click here or on the 'Gallery' link at the top of the page. Prints and greeting cards are available to purchase for most of my paintings.

Current Projects

'Out to Pasture' (Horse)

I'm currently working on a private commission of a blackbird, which I'm really enjoying and should be completed early June 2018; this lovely bird was a frequent visitor to my customer's back garden and she fell in love with it! The horse below is a little unusual in that it's been put out to pasture and is no longer in its prime. Still a very beautiful animal though, and the scene has a peacefulness to it that I really love. The focus of my attention lately, however, has been printmaking; a difficult learning curve that sapped most of my time and energy. Consequently I've been left with very little chance to put brush to paper, but after much trial-and-error I now have a very high-quality set of prints for all my paintings. It's taken three years, multiple headaches and a small fortune to reach the stage where I actually have finished goods. An unbelievable slog though well worth it. I experimented with different art printers: initially a Canon Pixma Pro 9500 Mk II, then and Epson R1900, now I've settled on the Epson R800 - this one seems to be the Goldilocks of the three! Thanks to the brilliant people at Marrutt and SpecialistInks with their products, training courses and their help with custom ICC profiling, I've finally been able to accomplish what I originally set out to do; that being the creation of colour-accurate, archival-quality prints. It almost doesn't seem real to have made it to this point, and as such is a great weight off my shoulders. With luck, the future will see me being much more productive with these initial worries behind me. I'm pressing on…and I have a good feeling that 2018 will be a much more productive year!