Gallery of Work

Please click on any of the images below to view the full painting. Prints are created using Marrutt Professional Photographic Pigment Inks on 230gsm archival matt paper and have a certified 75+ year longevity with excellent image stability and durability, as claimed by the manufacturer of these materials. (Details of how to order prints and cards can be found at the bottom of each page.) Colour accuracy: Images displayed on this site may have a tendency to look a little undersaturated if you happen to be viewing on a mobile device.

'Drying Off' (European Otter). 'Mixtape' (Song Thrush). 'Drifter' (Seahorse).
Peregrine Falcon. 'Jaws' (Macrodontia Cervicornis). 'Busy Schedule' (Gray Squirrel).
'Bats and Bobs' (Tool Shed). 'Foraging' (Woodland Floor).
Natterjack Toad. Tawny Owl (Juvenile).